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    Growlers – We fill growlers!

    Take your favorite beer home in your very own refillable ½ gallon growler.


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    Growler Box $20

    2 Growlers $12

    1 Gal Beer $18

    Total Package $50

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    Empty Growler $6

    Filled Growler $16

    Refills $10

    Rowland's Brews

    Standard beers available in ¼ barrel, ½ barrel, and by growler.


    Calumet Amber

    Calumet Dark

    Calumet Oktoberfest

    Calumet Pale Ale

    Calumet Rye

    Calumet Wild Rice

    Fat Man's Nut Brown Ale

    Brews On Tap

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    Seasonal Brews

    ​Any seasonal beer can be specially ordered with a minimum of eight ½ barrels.​

    Beer Bread

    Bitter Bitch

    Detention Ale

    Guido's Grand

    Imperial Stout

    Honey Lager

    Hunter's Choice

    Kelly's Irish Red

    Madison Street Lager

    Mittnacht Pilsner (Schwarz Bier)

    Mortimer's Ale

    Bitter Tich Belgium Ale

    Bucholz Alt

    Calumet Bock Calumet Ice

    Calumet Kolsch

    Calumet Pilsner

    Calumet Wheat

    Connor John

    Scotch Ale

    Order a Sampler Platter to taste your beer!


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    For Sale!

    2 oz Sample Glasses

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    2 glasses for $5

    Single Glass $3